Research has shown that we like someone only 7% based on what they say, and a whopping 38% based on how they say it. That means that Whisperr is more than 5 times likely to offer you a precise picture about a person that you’re hearing. People are usually not aware how much information they get from a voice, because we as humans are wired to focus on the visual, and the process of interpreting queues form voice is mostly subconscious, even though it is very accurate.

When you hear a voice of a person, you learn 8 times more about them than you would just by looking at their picture. Voice is full of characteristics that reveal our personality: pitch, intensity, “jitter” and “shimmer”, fluctuations in the voice… In other words it’s brimming with little traits that can hit you straight in the heart. You fall in love with the voice first.

You don’t have to go through all the motions of flirting and chatting online only to discover upon meeting in person that the person is not a match for you.

Several studies support our idea. They state that voice subconsciously helps us determine who is honest and trustworthy. Voice also reveals someone’s strengths, their background, social status, level of education etc. All these factors influence how we feel about someone, and whether we find them friendly, admirable, sexy, and/or beautiful.